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Ahlan wa Sahlan and Welcome to Cinema Jenin Guesthouse!  

We wish you a pleasant and interesting stay with us! In case you have any questions or any complaints, please feel free to contact our friendly staff at any time. For an enjoyable and amicable living in a community of many people under one roof, everybody has to submit himself under certain rules.  Please follow these rules at all times to maintain the good reputation and the acceptance of the guesthouse and the project in town.

Indoor Rules:

headline  Please be considerate of other residents and guests.
headline  Keep your room clean and leave the common areas the way you want to find them at your arrival.
headline  Please take care of our resources. Turn heaters, lights, TV and any electrical or gas items off when leaving a room and
     SAVE WATER. There is a considerable lack of water in Palestine.
headline  Turn down the music and converse quietly after 11 o'clock in the evening, so that early birds can find some sleep.
headline  The sleeping rooms and kitchen are a no smoking areas
headline  Check out time is at 12 a.m.

Ourdoor Rules:

The inhabitants of Jenin have been extremely happy and welcoming about Project Cinema Jenin and the Guesthouse. To maintain this good relationship, we would like to ask you to respect the local customs. The following rules may be considered as a guideline for your interactions with the locals. If you have further questions, our staff will gladly tell you more about the local customs.

headline   You can save yourself (and us) a lot of unwanted attention if you dress modestly, whenever you will leave the guesthouse.          Skirts and trousers should cover your knees completely and shirts should neither reveal cleavage nor shoulders.
headline   It is not common for men and women in Jenin to hug and kiss in public.
headline   It is unusual for women to smoke on the street and will receive a bad impression.
headline   Ramadhan Special: Please note, that during daytime of the holy month of Ramadan, the vast majority of people in Jenin
       don’t drink, smoke or eat.  Do like them in public space and please don't offer food, drinks or cigarettes anytime before the
       daily breaking of the fast in the evening.




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Cinema Jenin Guesthouse
Azzaytoon Street No. 1
(busstation city center)
Jenin | Palestine


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