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The city is located in the West Bank between Nazareth and Nablus on a mountainous range, boasting orchards of olive trees. Grown from the ancient town of Ein-Ganam, Jenin has seen many rulers come and go: Byzantines, Crusaders, Beduin Princes, the combined troops of Turkey and Germany, who set up camps here during WWI, British Mandatory Forces and , at present, Israeli occupation. Jenin has been known worldwide as a centre of fierce fighting during the Second Intifada. The refugee camp, a neighbourhood where about a quarter of Jenin's population is living, was the site of the “Battle of Jenin” in 2002. Until today, numerous posters of martyrs are lining the streets to commemorate these events.
Despite all these hardships, the majority of the inhabitants are committed to a non-violent way of resistance. Arriving in Jenin, you will enjoy its very relaxed and friendly atmosphere. You will hear the inhabitants talking about an "Intellectual Intifada" instead of armed resistance. As an important agricultural center and university town, Jenin is a lively place, with a bustling fruit market and busy alleyways, inhabited by extremely welcoming, friendly, smiling people, curious to know more about their guests and the foreign cultures. There is a phrase you will constantly hear while discovering the city: "Welcome to Jenin!"
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