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headline Study Arabic in Palestine – Why Not?

As Jenin is neither swarmed by tourists, nor by foreign aid workers, this authentic city and refugee camp offer a unique opportunity to efficiently learn the Arabic language.

In cooperation with „Student’s Scientific Society Center - SSSC - we offer you:

headline    individual or group courses

headline    All levels of Fusha (Modern Standard Arabic) and ‘Amiyya (the branch of Arabic language, that is spoken mostly in Syria, Lebanon, Palestine and Jordan, and widely understood in Egypt, and the Gulf States)

headline   Friendly teachers, who deal with your skills and deficits individually. All teachers hold university degrees from AUJ and are
subject to regular supervision.

headline Exciting classes: The SSSC is closely interwoven with Jenin society and regularly invites prominent guest lecturers, opening a unique opportunity to practice your arabic skills while learning about and debating the current affairs of local politics, cultural life and society.

headline  Total immersion: In order to try out your brand new language skills and to improve rapidly, we offer you to arrange a stay at a local family.

headline   A certificate system to attest your Arabic language skills.


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Cinema Jenin Guesthouse
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Jenin | Palestine
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