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The resurrection of Cinema Jenin has enormous dramatic potential and its story will be told in the form of a documentary which follows a parallel process where the children of the camp make a film about their lives. At the same time they are taking part in reopening what would become their future stage.

"Project Cinema Jenin - The Film"
coming soon to theatres near you.

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Directors, Writers: Marcus Vetter, Aleksei Bakri
Camera: Aleksei Bakri; Mareike Müller, Marcus Vetter
Sound: Stefan Binggeser & Aljoscha Haupt
Film Editing: Saskia Metten
Original music: Erez Koskas
Marcus Vetter
Philippa Kowarski

Filmperspektive in cooperation with:
Cinema Jenin Association

Supported by:
MFG Baden-Württemberg
Sundance Institut
Rabinovich Association

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